A standard dosage for CBD oil doesn’t really exist. Everyone reacts differently to CBD and someone weighing 20 kg obviously requires far less than someone weighing 125 kg. In addition, the one complaint requires more CBD than the other. Various medical studies show that 2 mg of CBD can be just as effective as 200 mg. It is therefore a question of what you feel you need. Many people start off with a dose of 2 drops of oil under the tongue taken 3 times daily. Based on the effect, after a few days to weeks you will be able to feel whether you require a higher or lower dose. The most important thing here is to make sure you do whatever you feel comfortable with. CBD products containing percentages above 10% aren’t necessarily better. It is important for the product to contain all substances produced by the plant. It is also important to use a product containing less than 0.05% THC. A THC level above this percentage has a negative effect on the development of children’s brains. Not many people know this. So you should always ask your supplier about the exact THC percentage.